1. I would never have guessed beforehand that I would have to consult a chiropractic specialist. But it so happened that I had to search for a good specialist in this field of healing. God, how many reviews has been re-read, how many sites have been reviewed! But I found the best!

2. The specialists in Sofia's Chiro Paradise are highly qualified. I was very skeptic towards such specialists. I did not expect changes, but they occurred! Until now, I cannot believe that I live without headaches, the cause of which was the neck. Thank you very much!))

3. I cannot call the specialists of Sofia's Chiro Paradise just perfect specialists, because for me they are magicians in Toronto chiropractic! I once turned my head somehow, that the neck was stuck and I could not turn it any more. I came to Sofia's Chiro Paradise as all hopes were only for its specialists. The most important thing for me is that I can turn my neck again. For about an hour the specialist pressed on some points, twisted me in different directions, carried out manipulations with shoulders, hands, neck. Of course, I felt the result immediately. On the way back I could already look around. Many thanks

4. I want to share my story. A year ago, I had terrible pain in the lower back, just below the scapula and especially in the neck. I could not work properly, nor rest at home, nor live at all. If I somehow hold my neck up, my head starts to ache. I suffered from headaches constantly. On the coincidence of circumstances, I got into the Sofia's Chiro Paradise. The specialist listened to all my complaints, explained the reasons of those pains. And after the first session I was in a state of easy euphoria, because relief in the back came at once, came some kind of ease. And I finally started to sleep well. After all the sessions in Bay street chiropractic, the pains in the back and neck were gone. And another thing, I had scoliosis before, and one shoulder was always higher than the other. So after this course, my posture and shoulders leveled considerably!